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Duck Hunting in Azerbaijan - Suri Su Lake

Duck hunting Suri Su lake, probably one of the worlds best kept secrets when it comes to wild fowling.

On the border of Eastern Europe Suri Su Lake which covers an area of approx 80000 ha is refuge for thousands if not millions of waterfowl during the harsh winter months.

Waterfowl start entering the lake during their migration period which starts in mid October. Teal are usually the first to arrive in there thousands followed by Shovlers, Pintails etc.

October -- November are exellent Teal hunting months and a gentlemens bag is not at all difficult to have in hand by 9:00 am. End of November through to the end of Febuary are usually best for Mallards, Widgeons, Geese etc. 

Waterfowl are hunted over decoys and pass shooting, our hunting guides will pole you out into the lake in their Pirogues and set you up in a existing blind or make a new blind out of natural material in the many reed patches that exist.

The guides have an extraordinary knowledge of the lake and flight ways which many times amazes me, they always try their best for the hunter to get a full bag.

Our hunting Colleagues in Azerbaijan try extremely hard to please the hunters, the lodge is 3 star, lounge dinning room, clean kitchen where the local cook and his wife do their best to prepare meals that will please all hunters, three double bedrooms with ensuite and warm for those cold nights and days.

Every serious wildfowler should sometime in his life hunt this magnificent lake, words can not describe this swamp, after 53 years of wildfowling experience I would rate this lake to be amongst the best duck hunting areas that exist in the Northern Hemisphere.

Every time new hunters come to hunt this lake, Hellenic Safaris will be there to make sure all goes well and to make you familiar with all the consistings.

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