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Goose Hunting in Estonia

Bean Goose - Greater White Fronted Goose ? Graylag Goose ? Barnacle Goose and the odd Canadian Goose are to be found in this Goose hunting paradise.

Migration starts in the middle of September and finishes in late October. During this period millions of Geese stop over in the Estonian grain fields to feed and continue there flight South to their wintering destinations.  

Geese are hunted in open grain fields , blinds are of natural materials and with a minimum of 70 - 100 decoys around you . The decoys are carefully set up by our experienced guides to attract the birds with in shotgun range. In the evenings they are hunted pass shooting on lakes where the geese come in to rest for the night.

Geese hunting in Estonia is probably the best in Europe and would rate very high on a world standard. Our high success on goose hunts in Estonia is very much due to the exceptional knowledge and the will power of our colleagues who always help and try hard for each hunter to get a generous bag limit.

Accommadation is in a hunting lodge ,warm , clean , good food and great people to keep you company and make your stay a wonderful experience.

This hunt is highly recommended it can not be faulted in any way. Gun entry permits are no problem people are friendly and the country is clean and law abiding , if you have not travelled to this part of the world you will be pleasantly surprised.

Hellenic Safaris and our colleagues in Estonia will make sure you have a hunting experience you will not forget.

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