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Woodcock Hunting in Scotland and Estonia

Estonia woodcock hunting starts in September and ends in November, with October - November being the peak migration period.

Twenty flushes or more a day is not uncommon in Estonia , the country is flat easy walking for older hunters and importing your dog and gun is no problem, I would say the easiest in Europe.

After you have settled in at the hunting lodge or hotel you will be taken to the hunting area where you will be aloud to hunt the way you want with your dog, the country is flat with small to large pines absolutely beautiful pointing dog areas, lunch time back to the vehical for a rest and some lunch and again back to hunting, new area if required. 

Our colleagues here in Estonia know very well the Woodcock areas and you can be sure you will be placed in the middle of the best hunting areas. Here again you can not fault this hunt in any way, accommodation is in a hotel or hunting lodge depending on the hunting area, food is good, people are friendly, great knowledge of hunting areas, and most of all that makes this destination so good for Woodcock hunters is that you can import your dog and gun with no complications in doing so.

Scotlands peak time for woodcock would be between 15th November - 15th January, during this time Woodcock are plenty full having migrated from Russia down to the UK for the winter months. Scotland is an exellent country to hunt when it comes to Woodcock with a huge population of Woodcock available to hunt during Nov ? Jan you can be sure you wont be disappointed.

Gun & Dog imports are not as easy as Estonia and we recommend anyone wanting to hunt Scotland hire guns and dogs for the hunt. There are exellent Springer Spaniels available which flush all the Woodcock that they approach.

When I first checked out Scotlands Woodcock hunting areas with my wife we averaged 13 flushes per hunting hour over the 8 days we hunted there with some Italian hunting friends. Accommodation is in Hotels,food is exellent, people are friendly and with our hunting collegue a Scottish game keeper that knows exactly what he is doing, you wont be sorry you went on this hunt.

On both of these hunts Hellenic Safaris will be with you if so desired.

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