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Pigeon Hunting in South Africa

15th March - 30th April is the time to get into some hot barrol shooting, millions of Pigeon & Dove start feeding on various crops that are ready for harvest in some recorded cases consuming 70% of the crop. Sunflower, Barly, Hops etc are targeted by these birds, this is the reason they are classed as vermin and have an open season on them with no bag limit all year round. There are eleven different type of Dove & Pigeon species.

These birds are hunted in open fields where they enter all day long in their thousands, someone that wants to learn how to shoot, this is the place to be, 1000 ? 1500 shots per day is not uncommon for the average shooter. 

Hunting starts after breakfast, no great rush as most times birds start to enter the feeding areas around 10:00am and don?t stop till 1 hour before dark, plenty of time to practice those difficult shots you like to make better.

These hunts are best taken in a relaxed mode, go and shoot 3 ? 4 packets of cartridges come back to the vehical have a drink , relax sit down and watch how the others shoot and again go out and pick your targets choose those shots you need to improve on, there are targets at all angles and distances, after 2 -3 days you certainly notice the difference in your shooting ability.

Our hunting colleagues in Sth Africa are a a great couple, both of these people are in the Police Force and who operate as professional hunters during their spare time, with plenty of hunting experience and knowledge of the areas that are having problems with Pigeon & Dove destructing the crops you can be sure you will get plenty of hot barrel shooting.

Accommodation is in farm hunting lodges, meals are only the best as always, rooms are clean with separate bathrooms and a character of their own. This hunt is also highly recommended for hunters who want high volume shooting you wont be disappointed . Hellenic Safaris will be there to make sure all goes according to plan and to enjoy your company.

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